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Beast-Of-Chaos |Darkness|

Where was she? All she could see was a pitch black abyss before her somber hued pools, unable to speak. She tried to rake her brain for an explanation and yet nothing came to mind. The last memory she had before the dimness was her trip out into Karakura Town at night. She had been on the outskirts, trying to discover what she was sensing. Then, nothingness. There was nothing as she stared into its dark hue.

What was going on? She took a breath, moving her reddened locks out of the way. Her hairpins! She grasped at her neckline and summoned her golden barrier, in hopes to make a light. What seemed to be darkness was quickly dispersed, leaving her alone in the calm on the human world once more. Realizing it was a dark aura, no not aura; a very dense spiritual pressure, she turned around and began to once again search for what was causing it. Whether or not she could find it, she would still try.

“….What was that just now……Maybe it’s an arrancar….But why now?”


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